Our Products

Congratulations on obtaining patents for Intuitive Detachable Screen, and Roller Screen!

Our Products-Pleated Screen

The screens can be folded into the handle. Applicable to a variety of windows, easy to install, and very convenient for maintenance.

Our Products-Roller Screen

The first domestic roller screen that can stop at any place, and the mesh have anti-fall-off design, so it won't be blown away from the rails even in windy situations.

Our Products-Barrier-Free Pleated Screen

Accessible Barrier-Free space. Designed with sound analysis to minimize the noise, and improve the quality of life.

Our Products-Parts, Accessories

The design is simple and elegant, the component structure integrates the block, lever, and the safety knob . It is an innovative integrated design.

Our Products-Ventilation Grilles

Enables indoors with sealed doors and windows can also be ventilated, and at the same time securing your home. It is just that easy to enjoy a good life.

Our Products-Ventilation Door

Our own developed ventilation door allows the user to use the safety lock design to prevent accidents caused by children.