Pleated Screens

Pleated Screens-Standard Pleated Screen

The screen is easy to install, and you can choose from either mesh or sun-block fabrics according to your needs. In the modern life of energy saving and carbon emission reduction, it will bring you a new comfortable lifestyle. Applicable to an majority of window type, and the width can be extended infinitely.

Pleated Screens-Detachable Pleated Screen

Patented adjustment function and detachable design. When replacing the mesh, there is no need to unscrew the frame. A fixed fastener is attached to facilitate the removal, repair and replacement. The mesh is also environmentally friendly, with clear view, high air circulation rate, and have anti-mosquito and sunshade functions.

Pleated Screens-Intuitive Detachable Pleated Screen

Pure-hand removal for replacing through switching buttons, quick-release structure has ergonomic design, and is easy to disassemble without tools. Recognizable indicator with integrated patented adjustment function, precise tuning, increase convenience and quality.

Pleated Screens-Invisible Pleated Screen

The styling strives for a low-key design, and works best with casement windows. The Block-based design makes the product more practical, and solves problems for end users. When the screen is not in use, it can be completely hidden beside the casement window. It can be effectively positioned, prevented from blown away, and will be in harmony with your home.